Hey there! My name is Meeks, owner and founder of Meeks Portraits Inc. I began this organization as a way for me to express my passion for capturing all that the world has to offer in one single click. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but to me, the story is endless. Words cannot describe the emotions that arise as I take hold of the very device that brings the essence of the world's beauty directly to your eyes. This is what drives me to feel as if I never work a day in my life. Photography isn't something that I do as a hobby, its something I consider to be a way of life, and this is what I like to let my customers know. I like to inform my clients of what exactly they're dealing with, providing them with a comforting environment to bring upon their business. I am an artist in progress, but nonetheless, I can ensure nothing but the expected out of my craft. I hope you enjoy the content displayed on this site, and consider this a welcoming into a portal of excellence!

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This company was founded in 2010. Our tech equipment consists of various Canon® Products and color corrected monitors to ensure that ALL of your pictures come out perfect! Head Shots and Portraits are our most famous requested shoots. Most, if not all of the work that you see is done in a professional studio with state of the art lighting and equipment. 

Fun Facts​

I am a Capricorn
I am a 90's baby
I am from Brooklyn, NY
I go by my last name

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